BT Group


 Detlef D. Nauck


I have developed several neuro-fuzzy learning algorithms that are available as free software tools.

  • The NEFCON model (NEuro Fuzzy CONtrol) supports the development of fuzzy controllers by reinforcement learning. The learning process uses a fuzzy error measure that can be defined by the user. NEFCON is available in three different implementations (for Unix, Windows, and MATLAB/SIMULINK).

  • NEFCLASS is short for NEuro Fuzzy CLASSification. It is a neuro-fuzzy model for data analysis. From a set of training data it can learn classifications rules, and suitable fuzzy sets. The recent implementation of NEFCLASS is available as a JAVA application. There are also older versions for MS-DOS and Unix systems.

  • NEFPROX is a model for NEuro Fuzzy function apPROXimation. It is similar to the two models above, but it is more general. You can use it to learn a fuzzy system from training data that is able to approximate the function given by the data samples. NEFPROX is available as a C source code.